Washington, D.C. – The Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology developed by WD Lab Grown Diamonds Corporation to produce lab grown diamond is very advanced and superbly controlled, according to Chemistry Nobel Prize Laureate Dan Shechtman, who recently toured WD Lab Grown Diamonds facilities outside Washington, D.C.

“WD Lab Grown Diamonds technology allows nearly perfect control of the grown diamond properties,” Shechtman said. “With that technology, WD Lab Grown Diamonds has succeeded in achieving what many other companies have been trying to do for the past three decades.”

Shechtman was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry in for his discovery of the quasi-periodic materials. He is the Philip Tobias Distinguished Professor of Materials Science at the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology, an Associate of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory and Distinguished Professor of Materials Science at Iowa State University.

WD Lab Grown Diamonds CVD technology allows the firm to produce colorless stones – D and E color – up to 5ct carats in size. In the CVD process, a tiny fragment of diamond – or a “seed” – is placed in a chamber. Varying amounts of gases that include a carbon source are fed into the chamber. The gas mixture is heated to produce plasma in which the gases break down and carbon atoms adhere to the diamond seed, causing it to grow.

The CVD process grows a diamond in just a few weeks, as opposed to the millions of years it takes to form a diamond in nature. Lab-grown CVD diamonds are optically, structurally, chemically and atomically identical to naturally formed diamonds.

“The diamonds grown by WD Lab Grown Diamonds are also brilliantly cut and exceedingly beautiful,” Shechtman said after touring WD Lab Grown Diamonds facilities. “Given this company’s technological and commercial expertise, I expect WD Lab Grown Diamonds to be very successful, and expect the lab grown diamonds to gain a growing share of the gem stone market.”

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Yarden Tsach

Photo Caption:
Yarden Tsach, WD Lab Grown Diamonds Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer (left), Nobel Prize Laureate Dan Shechtman (center) and WD Lab Grown Diamonds Corporation Founder & Chairman Clive Hill during Shechtman’s tour of WD Lab Grown Diamonds labs.

Photo Credit:
Photo by Maria Bauza